How to Spend A Summer Holiday

Summer holiday is just around the corner, it is the time to think about the plan for this summer vacation. With the development of economic, more and more people have a variety of ways of spending their holidays, such as going out for traveling, shopping online, visiting dear friends, or even making a weight-loss plan and more. What will you do during this holiday? Let’s make a review and see what types are most popular among people to spend holidays this summer.

22 How to Spend A Summer Holiday

With so many choices available, beaches are ideal for summer holidays as they offer the sun, warmth, water, sand, sandcastles for the kids and romantic opportunities for adults. You can sink your toes into the sand or take surfing lessons or charter a sail boat for added excitement and adventure. It is the perfect place for water sports and relaxing.

Many young adults find that traveling can actually refresh their minds and be more prepared for college or a career once they return. The experience of going out opens their eyes and increases the knowledge. They believe the experience is a precious treasure in lifetime that can be useful all throughout their own life.

The “Do-Gooder”

22 How to Spend A Summer Holiday 

A popular choice for students has always been travelling to deprived, often third world countries in order to help the locals for several weeks at a time. Students spend weeks building houses, teaching maths and literacy or handing out mosquito nets and come away with a feeling that they spent their summer holidays doing something for the greater good. For us at home we are left with an insane amount of jealously because their mate is helping others, getting a tan and boosting their CV whilst we watch reruns of The OC.

Placement friend

22 How to Spend A Summer Holiday

The bane of many a student’s life is placement, and everyone has lost at least one friend to this dreaded disease. The stress of finding one and then actually having to stuff yourself into a pencil skirt or ties while everyone is out drinking to excess is no way for any student to spend their Summer. At the very least you can be happy you are earning money while the rest of scrape by.

Magaluf weekender

Are you the next slappa’ of Ayia Napa? Is no carbs before Marbs a way of life for you? LADS holidays and girls getaways to places like Magaluf, Malia, Kavos (the list continues) are always a popular way to block out the memory of exams and have become a rite of passage for all students. Spending your days bronzing on the beach, combined with drinking until well after dawn in the evenings makes for an amazing holiday.

Stay at home and be really boring.

22 How to Spend A Summer Holiday 


So, if none of the other those suggestions didn’t do it for you, I’m afraid there’s not much more we can do. Go home to Buckinghamshire and mow the grass for your mum, or head to your uncle’s place in sunny Scunthorpe and watch some paint dry. If boosting your CV, meeting some ace new people, or raveling the world whilst making some money doesn’t tantalize your tastebuds, then nothing will! Whatever you choose to do with the next few months, make summer holiday count. Whether it’s taking in a different culture, learning something new or just having a great time that you’re after, it’s time to get planning! Reward yourself for all your hard work this year and make the most of it.

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22 How to Spend A Summer Holiday

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