Indoor Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito advanced radar system.

How would the world be if there was a magnet to attract only those pesky mosquitoes and finish them off? One thing I can assure you is that the risk of getting Malaria, Yellow fever, Chikungunya, Dengue fever and many more like the Zika virus would be a lot less.

For years researchers have tried to discover how a mosquito functions. Is it the Co2? Is it the heat? Is it their vision? Some people are like magnets for attracting mosquitoes and some are usually avoided. What if we could simulate those that act like a magnet and trap the mosquitoes, Bingo!

So one of the biggest factor is the Co2 being exhaled by the magnet. Mosquitoes can track Co2 back to its origin within 50 meters. Around 5-10 meters the mosquito is able to vision the human and when close enough it uses thermal plume and moisture (H2o) to detect where to hit the magnet.

After understanding this whole process researchers have started to develop a non-human magnet to attract mosquitoes, an example would be the MBOX of the Company QM. A (M)agical BOX to attract mosquitoes like a magnet, for starters it uses a special technique converting titanium oxide with CCFL light to Co2 and H2o, exactly the 2 ingredients to function as a mosquito magnet.

Indoor-Mosquito-Magnet Indoor Mosquito Magnet

And another brilliant solution by QM is it does not use electrical shocks to electrocute these mosquitoes, no more neighbors complaining about the constant shocking sounds your mosquito magnet would make. It uses a near silent fan to suck in the mosquitos and a roster to filter out the bag and good, the fan makes just enough suction power to suck in the mosquito and a roster on top prevents other friendly insects to be sucked in, bigger ones can fly away. (Hurray for our friendly bumble bee’s!)