IT04 solar insect

SAMSUNG lithium battery 13,000mAH DC fans with stronger suction and ultra-long life CCFL and LED source with lasting & stabilization wavelength Comply with IPX4 waterproof standard sare and reliable Anti-aging and aluminum materials Short circuit protection Solar energy with rechargeable adapter (reliable)

p201703010949379286975 IT04 solar insect

IT04 is using the Monocrystaline silicon solar panels, natural, no chemical. More powerful, but remarkably environmentally, absorb sunlight to the battery around 10-14 hours for fully recharge.

p201703010949379286975 IT04 solar insect
    • Hot item in Malaysia & Hong Kong
    • With adapter for recharge,Two mode(by electrical /solar)
    • Authentic product with original design.
    • Slim, elegant design which can made invisible in garden
    • Suitable for indoor /outdoor
    • Unique key switch
    • 360∘kill the midge & small mosquitoes
    • Made of aluminium
    • Safe for kids and pets. Cleaning and maintenance is super easy.
    • Drawer box design to keep dead mosquitoes.
    • QM Double light source UV included.
    • Automata system.
    • Can additional solar power supply
    • the perfect product of your first choice
    • Gross Weight with gift box:5.45kgs
p201703010949379286975 IT04 solar insect