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High Efficient Outdoor Mosquito Trap

Mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous creatures on the earth because of their ability to spread deadly diseases. The U.S. CDC report that the insects kill more than one million people per year just through the transmission of malaria. Add to that the numbers of those sickened and killed by other mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever and West Nile virus, and it’s easy to see how they earned their dangerous reputation. In recent years the rate of infection has risen dramatically, and a growing number of scientists are now concerned that global warming will translate into an explosive growth of mosquito-borne diseases worldwide. These are some of the most prevalent diseases spread around the world by mosquito bites:6362395863482788581801720 IT04

West Nile virus

A viral infection carried in the blood of birds. Culex mosquitoes pick it by feeding on infected birds, then, after it spreads through their systems, pass it to humans through their saliva during feeding. The West Nile virus multiplies in the human blood stream and is carried to the brain, where it begins to affect the central nervous system and causes inflammation of brain tissue, known as encephalitis. If this happens, a person will develop high fever, headaches, swollen lymph nodes and stiff neck.In the most severe cases, the infection can lead to convulsions, coma and death. Even if a severely infected person survives, there is a good chance of permanent neurological damage. There is no specific treatment of West Nile virus.

Zika Virus

The Zika virus is typically transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, but it can also be spread sexually, causing the CDC to update its guidance to couples.  Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are aggressive daytime biters and officials are warning people of the need to be vigilant, cover up and reapply repellent regularly.  The Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) which is also established throughout the United States, and transmits dengue fever and Chikungunya, may also be capable of transmitting the Zika virus. There is no vaccine, treatment or cure for the disease and travelers to infected areas are being urged to prevent mosquito bites as the best and only protection against the disease.  Pregnant women are being warned against travel to countries where Zika is present because of risk to their unborn babies.


Caused by parasites, primarily Plasmodium falciparum or Plasmodium vivax. Female Anopheles mosquitoes pick up the parasites by feeding on infected humans. The parasites develop in a mosquito’s body for 10 to 18 days, then is passed on when the mosquito injects saliva while feeding.Once in the human body, malaria parasites migrate to the liver, where they grow and multiply. Eventually the parasites move into the blood stream to continue developing in red blood cells. As they multiply and are released, they destroy the blood cells.

Dengue fever………………

Yellow fever……………………………..


How to get rid of mosquito bites

Many professor of mosquito had suggest people using repellents sprays that mask the skin odors most attractive to mosquitoes make it possible for people to hide in plain sight. A repellent containing DEET or another proven chemical blinds the receptors mosquitoes use to pick up on skin odors, meaning they aren’t able to locate their prey. Apply it lightly to exposed skin, avoiding cuts and sores.but the problem is that it seems lots of people has got allergy of the spray and especially is not save for the baby, especially when they are sleeping. Nevertheless , the working period of that tradition proven chemical is shot that only about 4 hours for most product in the market. So, some clever consumer has found that there still have another choice like electric outdoor mosquito trap .But the traditional uv mosquito lamp just useless and they can just catch the insects which won’t suck human’s blood. Mosquito zappers on the other hand are thought to attract mosquitos by utilizing an ultraviolet light. However, the science behind how a mosquito finds its’ next meal couldn’t be further from an UV light. Mosquitos simply are not attracted to ultraviolet light as they are attracted to plumes of carbon dioxide. People are likely to find that the great company call QM had generate at new way to defend the mosquito’s bite.Contrary to the traditional mosquito zappers; QM’s outdoor mosquito trap work by emit the C02, and an environmentally friendly octenol scent attracts mosquitos the same way they are attracted to humans. As the insect reaches the trap the upward vacuum of the trap suck them in and dry them into the little box of the device. The working principle of IT04’s CO2 emit ability is base on the tech of TIO2’s nanometer coating. And with the ray of specific wavelength UV  light on them, the any microorganism in contact with the coating surface will decomposition to CO2 and H2O and therefore, releasing a smell that attracts female mosquitoes. It’s sure that the QM’s Outdoor mosquito trap (Model IT04) is the most effective way to kill the mosquito in the market.(Reaching by Bio and mosquito specialist Doctor  tetyl ,JC)

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  1. 4 / 5


    So far this has been working. I run it often, especially at night and I have found it to trap and kill mosquitos well.

  2. 5 / 5


    This works wonderfully! We are in an apartment while our new house is being built and there is standing water in the courtyard close to our apartment that the office is not taking care of for whatever reason. Well sure enough it’s become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and every time we would open the front door of the apartment at least 3 would get in. We used to have to “hunt” mosquitoes every night…but now this amazing trap takes care of all of it for us. It also catches fruit flies!!!

  3. 3 / 5


    Not sure. Have the larger version in my front yard and it has made a HUGE difference in the number of Mosquitos, moths and hornets in my yard and inside my home. This smaller version on my screened-in patio on the backside of my house has remained empty for 2 months even though I frequently see moths on my patio.

  4. 3 / 5


    it does catch some random bugs, just not much quitos,

  5. 5 / 5


    This was a gift. They called today to say they used it last night and it WORKED!! No more mosquito bites on the patio

  6. 5 / 5


    The item’s hung by the front porch. Many dead bugs were trapped in it.

  7. 4 / 5


    These new one are catching mosquito’s and a few other bugs but it doesn’t seem like they are catching as many as the older larger ones did, but that could be because we are in the fourth year of drought and there are not as many mosquito’s to catch. I went ahead and gave it 5 stars because it is catching mosquito’s, but need to come back in 6 months and edit this reply if either of the two units I bought has stopped working.

  8. 4 / 5


    Has done a good job trapping bugs over the past year. I have this on a timer for 5 hours after sunset. The bulbs went out after one year and is the only reason I am giving it a 4

  9. 4 / 5


    Bought this unit after hurricane Matthew as the mosquitos were more numerous than usual for the low country. I let the trap run continuously for a week before cleaning the catcher. The fan runs quiet but the light is fairly bright so wouldn’t recommend installing near a bedroom window. I did not use an attractant; just relied on the traps light. It collected a lot of mosquitoes and moths and i did notice a reduction in the level of insects swarming our yard. I ran the trap for another 2 weeks and then the cooler weather arrived so i stored it. I recommend spraying the catcher with water spray before opening for cleaning so the insects don’t fly away. Will update this review next spring when the buggers return and will try an attractant for hopefully even better results.

  10. 5 / 5


    I must say that we find a lot of insects in the bottom collector and so by that know that it is working very well.
    We are located in an area that puts the QM mosquito trap to the test due to the swampy wet areas out in the wooded area of the 2 acres.

  11. 5 / 5


    Best mosquito catcher ever! I’m blown away by how well this works. I bought this with the attitude that it couldn’t hurt to try… we have a big backyard with a ton of greens, a ton of humidity and a ton of mosquitos. For the first time, I can sit back there at night with friends, and even the light outside of my door doesn’t have any bugs buzzing around it.

    The IT04 is full of dead/dying bugs, and there are no chemicals used in the process. The only negative reviews I’ve seen complain that the trap is cruel because the bugs die of starvation, and although that may be true, I don’t know that I necessarily would categorize bugs with other animals when it comes to “abuse.” It’s a safe trap to have around the family, and does a great job. Highly recommended!

  12. 5 / 5


    If  you live in a wooded area or by standing water, this is the only organic non toxic way to eliminate or drastically cut down the mosquito population. It’s expensive but you will see a difference within the first 24 hours and a week, you can start to venture outside again without getting bit!

  13. 5 / 5


    We are still in a severe drought, which would normally mean no mosquitoes. And for a few weeks, we actually turned the machine off. But when we started running the sprinkler system every day, we started seeing mosquitoes again. We turned the machine back on and the mosquitoes disappeared.

  14. 4 / 5


    We have learned that the machine is more effective with the attractant. So if you are going to invest in this machine, plan on getting a supply of the attractant, also. Do not try to go without it. Just my opinion, though.

  15. 4 / 5


    Having run this QM mosquito trap for about five months now, we are still happy with the results. It is temperamental, though, and it needs TLC: Battery connections need to be checked weekly. A one-time heavy rain caused the machine to stop working.


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